How do I do that?


       People ask all of the time…How do you do this?

 First you take the photograph….

       After some minor edits and printing, I apply the photograph onto a stretched canvas.

  For the most part, I use smaller sizes of the same image to create the photo-mosaic border.

      These copies are cut into slices and applied to the canvas around the main image.

Occasionally I cut the smaller images into different shapes.

     Once the canvas is assembled, I glaze it and lightly sand it. Several different colors of  acrylic paint are used to detail the piece. Once dry, it is gazed a second time.

 Once the second coat of glaze is cured, I use a spray varnish.

      After everything is dry, I sign and wire it.

  Each piece is a one of a kind regardless of the number of times I use the image. I do not do any giclee or print reproductions of my original canvasses.


     Each piece is ready to hang.