Patty's Pieces

Santa Fe N.M.



     Thanks for looking at my work. 

     PhotoAlchemy is a process I created about 10 years ago. It combines original photographs and a variety of acrylic media. It also blends my love of photography and mosaics. Each piece is a one of a kind.  They need no framing and are ready to hang. 
    I apply an original photograph to canvas. The borders are made from pieces of the same photograph. I use a blend of acrylic media to detail and finish the canvas.

     In addition to showing my canvasses here, I belong to the Santa Fe Artists’ Market, Eldorado Studio Tour,  and the Northern New Mexico Fine Arts and Craft Guild.

     Mosaics, to me, are a metaphor for one’s life. Each event, each person we meet, each experience is a piece. Every piece fits together to create the masterpiece which is a person’s entire life.

      ... All of the pieces fit.